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At Ajays and EMC we are independent outdoor and ski retails and pride ourselves on selecting the finest gear from a huge range of manufactures world wide. Whether is it is carving up the slopes, touring the high plains, or trekking through the rugged wilderness, we have got you covered.

Skin Layer: 

The layer next to your skin should stay dry and within a stable temperature range. However this is an area prone to high moisture due to the body's action of perspiration. Ideally your body wear should create a stable microclimate. 

This thermal tank top, like most clothing on this page, seems to have a life of its own.

Look, this fulll length thermal top has a life of its own.

No! My pants are running away on their own!

Second Layer:

The insulating layer, between your thermals and shell wear, works by trapping warm air between your body and the coder air of the environment. The warm air is trapped within the synthetic fibres and in the air spaces in the fabric weave. By trapping warm air in your insulation layer and close to your skin, you stay warm in cold conditions. New technology synthetic fleece fibres are lightweight, very breathable and dry quickly. They perform beautifully, providing effective insulation. 

Mid Layer Polarfleece

Trilogy Pants

Depends on the weather or your sanity, but these can be a second layer

Outer Layer:

Bodywear and insulation layers minimise heat loss in moderate conditions. In the wind and rainn you need to add an extra layer to protect the inner layers from getting wet and cooling down your body. Out layers work on two fronts. Firstly it prevents cold wind entering your insulating layers and secondly it prevents the rain from doing much the same. Breathable outer layers allow moisture vapour to escape from under the shell and at the same time stops water from entering.  

I am a Gore-Tex jacket and I am pretty yellow.

So, you like puffer vests do you?

Outer Layer Pants


It is important to keep your extremities protected as well.  

Gaiters Gloves



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