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About Us

Meet the team behind Ajays and EMC.

At their core, the store are filled with ski enthusiasts with a rich history in the industry.

Owner Robbie began his on-snow journey in the ’70s, skiing as a kid. As he grew up, his passion for skiing only intensified, leading him to work at his uncle’s store, then known as the Box Hill Ski Shop. There, in the back of the shop, he learned the ins and outs of mounting skis, handling rentals, and servicing skis to a high standard.

In 1980, an exciting opportunity arose when Robbie’s business partner, Doug, joined him, and they opened their very own standalone boot shop two doors down from Robbie’s uncle’s store. Here, they became established with the very first Montana stone grinder in Victoria. Within the store, they sold skis all day, every day, year-round, fueling their customers’ passion for skiing.

Over the years, their ventures expanded. In 1990, Robbie bought into Ajays in Heathmont, and in 1998, the purchased the Eastern Mountain Centre, which is now known as the iconic EMC. They later moved EMC to Deepdene, marking a significant milestone in their journey. In 2019, AJAYS found a new home in a bigger, brighter store in Heathmont, where they continue to serve as a ski and outdoor shop with a legacy of over 50 years. They take pride in their extensive knowledge of outdoor equipment and our commitment to excellence.

The combined experience of both Robbie and Doug has equipped them with a massive amount of expertise, understanding, and unparalleled service for Australian skiers. They are passionate about skiing and strive to share their knowledge and love for the sport with their customers.