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Well-tuned skis make it easier to ski.

We use the best equipment in the business from Montana to ensure your skis (and you) perform on the slopes. This includes using infrared waxing technology that deeply and evenly conditions the base material in your skis.

It gives you the perfect glide, and your wax treatment lasts even longer than conventional waxing.

How to get your skis tuned with us:

  • Simply visit either of our two Melbourne ski shops to drop off your skis
  • Tuning takes 24-48hrs depending on demand
  • Pick-up, pay and ski!

Visit our Ajays Ski Shop
Visit our EMC Ski Shop

Our Montana Ski Tuning Machines

We use state-of-the-art Montana ski tuning machines to provide you with the best service. These include:

  • Crystal Inline
  • Race Waxer
  • Waxmaster II
  • Tuning Master
  • MCS
  • Monty extruder

These machines use advanced technology to grind and sharpen ski edges and wax your skis to improve performance on the slopes. Montana ski tuning machines allow for precise adjustments to meet the specific needs of each skier.

They are also designed to work quickly, so you get your equipment back as soon as possible, meaning you’re skiing sooner!